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Peace & Global Witness Offering

Peace & Global Witness Offering

Church Chapel

time 11:00 am

October 1, 2017

The Peacemaking theme for this year is Proclaim the Peace of Christ.

We do that when we care for the poor as Jesus did. We know there can be no lasting peace without justice. The focus for this year is South Sudan. The work done for Peacemaking in PCUSA is supported by this important offering.  Those efforts include:

  • Mission co-workers in South Sudan and many other places who work to heal divisions that breed violence
  • Resources for congregations dealing with conflict within their church and community
  • Peace work of our global partners and a voice at the United Nations advocating for the vulnerable of the world

25% of the offering remains in our Presbytery for grants that address root causes of discord in people’s lives. Grants in the past have included: funds
for fuel oil or electric bills; mental health forums; micro-loans for job creation; a child advocacy center for victims of child abuse; forums on immigration.