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Annual Outing: Tourists Baseball Game

Lots of fun, food and baseball at the stadium Friday, August 3.  Look for familiar faces from our church family.  The team even had a big rally in the bottom of the ninth inning and fireworks followed the game.  


Scotland: One Last Look

I’ve got to be honest: Scotland swept me off my feet. I’d been only once before, years ago.  But it was a brief trip, limited mostly to a basketball gym in Glasgow, and it did not leave much of a mark. That was not the case this time.  I had two weeks full weeks there, […]


Steve’s Slant

Just over eleven hours after I finish preaching on Sunday, I will board an American Airlines jet bound for Heathrow, and from there a British Airways connection to Edinburgh. Naturally I am very excited about the opportunity to participate in this international pulpit exchange.  I’m deeply grateful to Doug Orr for first suggesting the idea, […]


International Pulpit Exchange

Pastor Steve to Participate in International Pulpit Exchange For two Sundays in July — the 8th and the 15th — Steve Runholt will exchange pulpits with the Rev. R. Fraser Penny, the Minister of the Cathedral of Dunkeld, Scotland.  The cathedral parish is part of the Church of Scotland, which traces its roots back to […]


In Memoriam: Gay Currie Fox

If you knew Gay at all, you knew that despite her diminutive size, she was a force of nature. And she died the way she lived: on her terms. She waited to shout her hosannas one last time, then passed peacefully on Palm Sunday, surrounded by her family.  Our life as a congregation will not […]


Lent Prayer Stations

Experience Lent in a New Way During the season of Lent, we will be holding space in our service for special prayers.  During this time, you are invited to go to one of five prayer stations placed around the sanctuary.  Below is a description of each of the stations, with suggestions for how you might […]


Steve’s Slant

Right now we’re on not one but two journeys together. The first is our Lenten journey, or, in keeping with our theme for the season, the ridiculous journey of following a nobody from nowhere.  We will continue to follow along with Jesus on his own journey toward the destiny that awaits him, as told to […]


Steve’s Slant

As I write this, in just a few hours the president will give his first State of the Union address since taking office last January.  So, per my recent custom, I’m going to follow that example and offer my own thoughts on the state of our union here at Warren Wilson Presbyterian. I have covered […]


Star Words

Star Words on Epiphany Sunday It is a tradition at Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church to begin every year by selecting a new “Star Word” on Epiphany Sunday.  Upon entering the church, each person selects a cut-out of a star that has a word printed on it out of a basket.   The idea is to […]


Advent – Voice of Love

Love Written by Allee Williams and Sandy Brauer Allee Williams As we focus on the 4th Advent candle of Love, we can know this season does bring us love.  Love is the thing that gives you a warm feeling for the everyday.  And as we go through difficult times, love is one of the best things to hold you […]

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