A Joyful, Welcoming, Inclusive Community of Faith

Back Porch Sessions

Back Porch SessionBecause community can be hard to find…  Because not everyone does church the same way…  Because we’re all trying to make sense of the hurly burly of our lives …

The Back Porch Sessions is a different kind of worship experience. On the first Sunday evening of the month during the school year, an ever-changing constellation of students, visitors and long-time churchgoers gathers on the porch of the Ransom Fellowship Hall (the back porch of the Chapel).

Back Porch SessionWe come together to share in an evening of storytelling and live music   The music is often played by bands from Warren Wilson College, and it always draws on the rich cultural traditions of these beautiful mountains: bluegrass, Americana, singer songwriter, folk, Old Time. 

Our time together culminates with an informal communion service, with wine or juice from a Mason jar and bread on a wooden plate—you know, like you’d do on your back porch. 

So grab a cookie (or two!) and a cup of cider, pull up a chair and make yourself at home.  Because home is what the Back Porch Sessions is all about.  


When:  7:00 pm first Sunday of every month during the school year

Where:  Ransom Fellowship Hall porch during the fall; inside the Ransom Fellowship Hall in the winter

Why:  Because community can be hard to find. And because who doesn’t love live music and great stories?