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Hope Will Rise Again (Morning Worship)

Good morning, friends!  

I will copy the link below to this morning’s worship service, but first, a couple of announcements:


If we had an award like this it would go to Vicki Collins and Susan Laney for organizing meals and other support for the ladies or Room in the Inn.  RITI is a challenge to host even under the best of circumstances, and these are not the best of circumstances. It took an extraordinary amount of effort to coordinate our support this week and I am personally grateful to Vicki and Susan for stepping up to this challenge.  

Of course we also wish to thank everyone who provided lunches and dinners for the ladies.  Your ongoing support of this vitally important ministry in this stressful time of social distancing was inspiring.  And we are truly grateful for your exceptional generosity.  


SVCM has established a fund to provide financial relief to local residents who have lost jobs or income due to the corona virus. Many Americans will soon be receiving relief monies from the federal government. If you are in a position to do so, I might suggest we help seed this fund at SVCM with at least a portion of those monies.  You can find more information about how and where to donate here.   


In our service this morning, I made a couple of mistakes in displaying the cue cards with our lyrics and liturgy. I don’t love that, but I hope it won’t take away from your experience of the service.  

Here is the link:  Hope Will Rise Again

Stay home, stay safe!  

Peace and love be with all of you today, and always,