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Palm Sunday Online Service

This Sunday is not only Palm Sunday, it’s a Communion Sunday. And I wanted to assure you that we will share in that sacrament together.

To make that possible — and I recommend you do this before you tune into the service — let me invite you to have some bread and a cup, already filled, close at hand.

Because I do not want to put anyone’s health at risk, there is no need to rush out to the store to buy bread or juice specifically for this purpose.

You should feel free to use whatever you have on hand. This may be bread, but it may be brownies or tortillas. And it may be grape juice, or it may be milk, or orange juice or actual wine.

Because, as I said in an email to Session about this, I’m quite certain that this is what Jesus would do:

He would use whatever is available to share in this meal because the holiness of the Lord’s Super is not in the elements themselves; the holiness is in the act of blessing them, and breaking them, and receiving them all together, as a strong reminder of the presence of the living Christ in our midst.

So, when the time comes I will lead us through our Communion liturgy and we will receive those elements together.

Link to Online Worship:  CLICK HERE

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