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SVCM, The Pandemic, and the Next Months

The Swannanoa Valley Christian Ministry has done an amazing job serving those in need in the Swannanoa Valley during the past months.  Using staff and a reduced number of volunteers, SVCM made changes in the physical approach to clients, but continues to meet their needs.  Food and clothing clients make out a list of needs, […]


Apocalypse Now?

After reading the news for a few minutes on Tuesday morning, Robyn looked up from her computer and asked me a question I was not expecting. “Do you think these are the end times?” she said. Her tone was tongue-in-cheek, but who can blame her for asking? I suspect a good many of us are […]


Habitat for Humanity – Moment for Mission

Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity has just sent a short video introducing the partner family for Presbyterian/Methodist House #28 in Candler, and you can see it at this link: https://youtu.be/MLTMBHLETv0  In late September each year we have a Habitat for Humanity Moment for Mission, and receive a special offering to help with the Habitat mission […]


Jesus Loves the Little Children

A fresh entry from my antiracism journal:  Jesus Loves the Little Children. Right?  The first thing I learned reading Ibram Kendi’s remarkable book, How To Be An Antiracist, is just how ubiquitous racism is.  It has infected every aspect of American life and is present in all of our institutions.  The second thing I learned […]


Waging Hope: A Field Guide

Waging Hope: A Field Guide Let me begin with a confession:  I have never been more fearful for our country or our shared future than I am right now.  (Stick with me, it gets better. But first I need to establish some context.) The Belgian poet and Nobel prize winner, Maurice Maeterlinck, once famously said […]


Yes, We are Open!

Yes, we are open!  Here at the Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church, we are fond of saying that our doors are closed but our church is open.  That may sound contradictory, like a non-sequitur.  But it’s true: our doors are closed but our church is open. The reason is simple: our church is not the same as […]


Sunday Service for July 12, 2020

Our sermon today focuses on the most famous dream in the Bible, and on our dream for a better country and a better world.  Which isn’t just our dream.  And we offer a prayer for the families who are suffering in our country during these difficult days, and for the members of our church family […]


Sunday Service for July 5, 2020

We have a lovely service to share with you today. It features a Moment for Mission from some special guests.  Grace uses hats to extraordinary effect in the children’s sermon. Our Summer Sermon Series focuses on Jacob and Esau, two twins who could not be more different — and on their mom’s struggle to give […]


Sunday Service for June 28, 2020

Abram’s journey to fulfill God’s call began, as most journeys do, by leaving home. We may not have to leave home to fulfill God’s call. But we may have to reimagine it. So I hope you’ll join us for worship today. And let the journey begin! Link to YouTube:  CLICK HERE Weekly Prayer List:  CLICK […]


COVID-19 Sunday Service Update

The Action Team tasked with evaluating the question of whether, and when, we might return to in-person worship met this past Tuesday. We unanimously agreed that the possibility of returning to worship indoors, in the sanctuary, is not viable at this time, due to the well-documented high risk of infection associated with indoor, congregational gatherings. […]

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