Life Events


From the joy of birth and baptism, to the wonder and excitement of marriage, to the pain of loss and bereavement, life is full of events that form and shape us. 

Our pastoral staff are here to help you plan and prepare for life’s biggest transitions.  In difficult times, we’re here to help guide you through to the other side.    In times of celebration we’re available to plan services and ceremonies that will mark these significant occasions and create joyful and lasting memories.   

So whatever transition you may be facing—whether your heart is filled with joy or heavy with sorrow, whether you want to shout “Hallelujah!” or you feel like you can’t face tomorrow—call us.  We would love to meet with you and offer our support in whatever way you need.    

If you are planning a wedding and would like information or to get a copy of our Wedding Booklet, please contact our church office by completing our online contact form or by calling  (828) 298-9092.     

Similarly, for information about internment in our beautiful cemetery, please contact the church office.