Special Gifts

Endowment Ministry

Our several endowment funds support various aspects of the church, both now and into the future.  They are designed so that we may use the earnings on these funds, leaving the principal intact.

Gifts Made Now

A gift by cash or check is the simplest, but the contributor may also give stocks, bonds, life insurance policies, IRAs, property or real estate.

Giving appreciated stocks directly to the fund, without first selling the shares, can provide tax benefits to the donor since capital gains may be eliminated or reduced on the appreciation.  Consult your tax advisor for current regulations.

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Gifts Made Through Your Will

Perhaps the most meaningful way to make a gift is by a bequest in your will.  This not only perpetuates the forward vision and example of the donor, but also reflects your generosity and desire to further the mission of the church.  Making a bequest in your will is called “planned giving” and may have advantageous tax implications, particularly for appreciated assets.  Potential donors are encouraged to consult their tax advisors.

For more information:  WWPC Endowment Ministry