A Joyful, Welcoming, Inclusive Community of Faith

What We Believe

CongregationWe are…

Mothers and fathers, single and married, gay and straight, young and old, black and white, prosperous and poor, uncertain and sure, broken and whole – and everything in between.  Together we are the many faces of humanity, yet as a joyful, caring and loving community of faith, we are one in Christ!






We value…welcome

  • Love above all:
    – Compassion above doctrine
    – Mercy above judgment
    – Justice above indifference
  • Worship that is Christ-centered and nurturing, challenging and relevant
  • Community that is inclusive, welcoming and diverse
  • Engagement with our local and global neighbors that is prayerful, current and respectful.


Our mission…

Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church is called to be a welcoming and inclusive community of faith and fellowship, and to embody God’s love through ministries of compassion, reconciliation, justice, and peace.


Our vision…

We aspire to be a vibrant, thriving community that values both head and heart, that puts love over fear, and that seeks to be the body of Christ in this time and place.