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A Report on El Paso

Dear friends, Yesterday we marched. It will take me a long time to process the experience, and to fully determine what it meant for me to be part of this action on our southern border. And I look forward to ongoing conversations about what the need to take such actions (i.e., the need to protest […]


Sing in the Choir

How Can I keep from singing? It’s Wednesday 6:55 P.M. and whether rain or shine, they start arriving… the faithful ones who make up our Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church choir.  Every week this group of dedicated people who love music and enjoy each other come to the chapel to sing together and prepare music they […]


Scotland: One Last Look

I’ve got to be honest: Scotland swept me off my feet. I’d been only once before, years ago.  But it was a brief trip, limited mostly to a basketball gym in Glasgow, and it did not leave much of a mark. That was not the case this time.  I had two weeks full weeks there, […]


Lent Prayer Stations

Experience Lent in a New Way During the season of Lent, we will be holding space in our service for special prayers.  During this time, you are invited to go to one of five prayer stations placed around the sanctuary.  Below is a description of each of the stations, with suggestions for how you might […]


Star Words

Star Words on Epiphany Sunday It is a tradition at Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church to begin every year by selecting a new “Star Word” on Epiphany Sunday.  Upon entering the church, each person selects a cut-out of a star that has a word printed on it out of a basket.   The idea is to […]


Advent – Voice of Love

Love Written by Allee Williams and Sandy Brauer Allee Williams As we focus on the 4th Advent candle of Love, we can know this season does bring us love.  Love is the thing that gives you a warm feeling for the everyday.  And as we go through difficult times, love is one of the best things to hold you […]


Advent – Voice of Joy

Joy Written by Katherine Rouse “Don’t postpone joy” became my mantra at an early age without even knowing it.  And then I became an Asheville resident and as soon as I saw that bumper sticker at Laurey’s on Biltmore Avenue I knew I was in the right place.  Then I found this wonderful piece of […]


Cookies & Carols

Cookies & Carols  Last night our fellowship hall was again filled with good food — in this case, cookies! — and with a diverse group of church folks and college folks and other folks, as we all gathered together to sing the beautiful carols of this Christmas season.  Cookies & Carols is one of the […]


Advent – Voice of Peace

Peace Written by Bill Heck Come Lord Jesus, Prince of Peace.  Hear our pleas. Do not forget us. Remind us to laugh more often and complain far less. Excise from our vocabulary the pronoun “I” and replace it with “WE”. Reveal to us something each day for which we can be grateful. Inspire us to […]


Advent – Voice of Hope

Hope Written by Edythe Wiener Hope…What a grand word that is. I think that life and hope are thoroughly intertwined. Our life needs hope to survive. For without it, living can become dismal and even desperate. We tend to trivialize the word hope and use it by habit much of the time…. I hope it […]

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