Steve Runholt

Apocalypse Now?

After reading the news for a few minutes on Tuesday morning, Robyn looked up from her computer and asked me a question I was not expecting. “Do you think these are the end times?” she said. Her tone was tongue-in-cheek, but who can blame her for asking? I suspect a good many of us are

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Yes, We are Open!

Yes, we are open!  Here at the Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church, we are fond of saying that our doors are closed but our church is open.  That may sound contradictory, like a non-sequitur.  But it’s true: our doors are closed but our church is open. The reason is simple: our church is not the same as

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Caronavirus Precautions

Dear friends, As you may know, earlier today the World Health Organization officially declared that the coronavirus outbreak is a global pandemic. Governor Roy Cooper has also declared a state of emergency here in North Carolina, which is focused on reducing and slowing the rapid spread of COVID-19. Demographically, a large percentage of our membership

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