Yes, We are Open!

Yes, we are open! 

Here at the Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church, we are fond of saying that our doors are closed but our church is open.  That may sound contradictory, like a non-sequitur.  But it’s true: our doors are closed but our church is open.

The reason is simple: our church is not the same as our building. 

For us, church is about the people who make our life together possible.  Church is about community and about service, and about engaging with the wider world to make it better, more peaceful and more just.  

It’s not (just) about what happens on Sunday morning

It is true that to protect our health and safety, COVID has forced us to suspend our regular in-person worship services on Sunday mornings.  But for us, church doesn’t just happen when we all gather in the pews on a given Sunday. 

Church happens when someone does a grocery store run for their neighbor who feels too vulnerable to go out in public, and then delivers those groceries to their neighbor’s front door–even if they have to wear a mask to protect their own health and safety.

Church happens when a squad of people gets organized to make and deliver sandwiches to help feed Asheville’s growing homeless population, or to make lunches to feed hungry veterans, while again taking careful measures to protect their own health. 

Church happens when a diverse group of conscientious people gather on Zoom to read How to Be an Antiracist together, and commit themselves to formulate specific plans for how to address systemic racism in themselves, in their own community, and in the community at large. 

So, yes, our doors are closed but our church is not. 

If you’re new to campus — or to church

If you’re new to campus, or to church, let me invite you to explore our website.  Check out what we believe and what we value–our commitment to inclusivity and racial justice, our determination to put love above doctrine and dogma, our pledge to make peace and to put our faith into action in ways that make the world a better place. 

Or, if you’re so inclined, join us on Sunday morning, or Sunday night, or Monday afternoon — or whenever works for you — for our online worship service.

Come, see and experience for yourself what we mean when we say: our doors our closed but our church is open.


Pastor Steve