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Sunday Service for July 12, 2020

Our sermon today focuses on the most famous dream in the Bible, and on our dream for a better country and a better world.  Which isn’t just our dream.  And we offer a prayer for the families who are suffering in our country during these difficult days, and for the members of our church family […]


Sunday Service for July 5, 2020

We have a lovely service to share with you today. It features a Moment for Mission from some special guests.  Grace uses hats to extraordinary effect in the children’s sermon. Our Summer Sermon Series focuses on Jacob and Esau, two twins who could not be more different — and on their mom’s struggle to give […]


Sunday Service for June 28, 2020

Abram’s journey to fulfill God’s call began, as most journeys do, by leaving home. We may not have to leave home to fulfill God’s call. But we may have to reimagine it. So I hope you’ll join us for worship today. And let the journey begin! Link to YouTube:  CLICK HERE Weekly Prayer List:  CLICK […]


COVID-19 Sunday Service Update

The Action Team tasked with evaluating the question of whether, and when, we might return to in-person worship met this past Tuesday. We unanimously agreed that the possibility of returning to worship indoors, in the sanctuary, is not viable at this time, due to the well-documented high risk of infection associated with indoor, congregational gatherings. […]


Sunday Service for June 21, 2020

We have a lovely service to offer you today, featuring some guest liturgists to help with Call to Worship and another delightful children’s sermon from Grace. Our prelude is a new hymn, played and sung by Black Mountain singer/songwriter, David LaMotte: God of the Movements and Martyrs, which David wrote to commemorate the 85 anniversary […]


Sunday Service for June 14, 2020

Today we begin a new summer sermon series centered on the great stories of the Old Testament, with the original great story: the story of creation. A favorite part of the service returns. And as Joel recovers from knee replacement surgery, his young cousin Spence Robertson takes the wheel (i.e., the keyboard). It may feel […]


Sunday Service for June 7, 2020

It’s Trinity Sunday! In a world that looks and sounds like ours does right now, what difference does that make? YouTube Link: CLICK HERE Weekly Prayer List:  CLICK HERE


Pentecost Sunday Online Service

Remember Karl Barth’s dictum, that as a Christian, he found that it was important to approach his devotional life with the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other? That’s very hard to do at this particular moment in history. American cities are on fire over the death of George Floyd and, though […]


Sunday Service for May 24, 2020

In our service today, we explore what happened when Jesus left the disciples to continue his mission on their own, and we look at the frontiers they would have to cross, external and internal, to do that work. And on this Memorial Day Sunday, in our prayers we remember the fallen ones–service men and women, […]

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