Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World (A Summer Invitation)

This summer, Grace Boyer invites you to join her in reading Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World, by Mark Williams and Danny Penman, and do its 8 chapters/weeks of meditation exercises on your own at home.

  • Step 1) Order the book. Either the older version of it that comes with a cd of 8 recorded meditations, or the newer version with a web link to the recordings (this has “An Eight-week Plan For…” as part of its subtitle).
  • Step 2) Let Grace know you are doing this, so we can set up a way to check in with each other over the summer.
  • Step 3) In June read at least chapters 1 & 4 (Ch. 2-3 go into the brain science).
  • Step 4) Beginning during the week of June 28 read chapter 5 and do its week of exercises. Then each new week do a new chapter and set of exercises, finishing up by the end of August. And if that schedule doesn’t work for you, make up your own! The goal is to bring some inner peace during the summer months.