Announcements for May 5, 2024

WELCOME VISITORS! If you are worshiping here for the first time today, welcome! We are glad to have you with us. Please fill out a visitor information card, located on the right as you enter the chapel.

JOYS AND CONCERNS: If you would like to add or update a prayer request, please contact the church office (298-9092). Recently updated entries are in italics. (We’ll plan to leave celebrations listed for two Sundays—please call the church office if you’d like to add something!)
We celebrate:
• Sharon Lytle for representing WWPC at the April 30 meeting of the Presbytery of WNC
• Donna for her many years of faith-full service
• Mason up in the choir loft on soundboard. He’s so attentive and invested, it’s a joy to see him at work
• Everyone who came out for the first of our Holy Conversations
We remember in prayer: Isaiah Bullerdick (20), Rodney & Sharon Lytle’s grandson recovering from a knee injury that ended his junior year football season; Beth Newman, as she continues to heal at home in Asheville; Jackie Ligon Cole; Pat Crumpler; Will Dale (Jamie’s brother), anticipating cardiac bypass surgery in April, following lung cancer surgery in late February; Vernon Daugherty, Sr. (Derron’s father); Martha Dugger; Rick Garrison; Houston Huggins (Beth Meriwether’s brother); Erika Lytle; Salyna Morgan, recovering from an infection in her bloodstream; Fran Roberts’ sister-in-law, Linda Briggs; Jon Hettrick and his family; Marjorie Hettrick; Allyson Hettrick’s mother, Sylvia Revis, as she recovers from a fall in assisted living; Kim Reece (daughter of Nancy and Rick Garrison); Shane Reece (Nancy Garrison’s son); Pat Wilson’s son, Kell.

April 29 to May 8: Donna out on vacation
Sunday, May 19, 12:00-2:00: Our next congregational gathering for “Holy Conversations,” our Mission Study. We’ll share salad, pizza, and ice cream sundaes, as well as lots of food for thought!
May 22-June 2: Margaret out on study leave/vacation Wednesday, June 5: an evening picnic at Owen Park, to celebrate the ministry of Administrator Donna Eagle Joslin, retiring June 1.
Sunday, June 9: The whole congregation is invited to take a field trip as we join summer worship in Anderson Auditorium in Montreat. Margaret will preach. Please note that the start time is 10:30. (There will be no service at WWPC that morning.)
Sunday, June 23: Austin Seminary’s Eric Wall (who also serves as Conference Musician in Montreat during the summers) will be here for an evening of conversation and song as we consider the role of music in the life of faith.