John Bishop

2018 Star Words

Star Words

Star Words on Epiphany Sunday It is a tradition at Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church to begin every year by selecting a new “Star Word” on Epiphany Sunday.  Upon entering the church, each person selects a cut-out of a star that has a word printed on it out of a basket.   The idea is to

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Advent Wreath

A Day of Fellowship

We Get Ready for Advent! Friday, December 1 was a wonderful day of fellowship. Many of us gathered around 2:30pm to clean and decorate the church for the Advent and Christmas seasons.   There were snacks for us to enjoy along with some music playing. As you can see in the photos below, the final results

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Steve Runholt

Steve’s Slant

Georges-Pierre Seurat was a French painter from the 19th century.  He is most famous for helping to pioneer a style of painting known as pointillism.  In this method, the artist applied hundreds of small individual dots of paint to a canvas.  Up close these dots looked just like the name implies–like a blotch of tiny

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