Star Words

Star Words on Epiphany Sunday

It is a tradition at Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church to begin every year by selecting a new “Star Word” on Epiphany Sunday.  Upon entering the church, each person selects a cut-out of a star that has a word printed on it out of a basket.   The idea is to keep this word in mind throughout the year and reflect on how it impacts your life.   Some choose to post it on the refrigerator or on a bulletin board where they can see it every day.  The journey you have throughout the year with your Star Word is special and can transform how you view the world or even the decisions you make day-to-day. 

During our Epiphany Sunday Service, volunteers from the congregation are invited share how their previous year’s Star Word impacted their life or how they felt God speaking to them through it.  Listed below is an excerpt from our Associate in Ministry, Grace Boyer, spoken during this year’s service describing the impact Star Words can have:

The word has become so much a part of my spiritual life this past year that I almost don’t want to give it up today.  But that is the beauty of Star Words.  You don’t have to give them up.  They are gifts you can keep accumulating.  And the reality is that it is not really about the word anyway, but about the conversation that comes with God over the word, and the focus or lens it brings on how we live life in light of our faith. 

Here are a few examples of our Star Words… if you were not with us on Sunday, choose one and experience the journey with God throughout 2018!

2018 Star Words