Earth Care Congregation News

Earth Care Congregation News
Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church

April, 2020

We got word in late March that our application for renewal of our Earth Care Congregation status with the PC (USA) was approved again for this year.  A certificate was received which I will get framed and make available if it is decided to display it.  This makes the third consecutive year Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church has been approved for this designation.  In North Carolina, there are a total of 23 Earth Care Presbyterian congregations with about a third of those in western North Carolina.

The application consists of more than a hundred questions about specific actions Presbyterian churches can do related to earth care in the areas of worship, education, our facilities and operations, and outreach.  Points are given for each question a church can answer in the affirmative.

While we have received a satisfactory score for three years now, there are many areas where we could improve to be a better earth care congregation.  If you are interested in receiving a copy of our 2020 application, interested in learning more about this program, or interested in joining the team this year for maintaining and improving our earth care congregation efforts, please contact Bob Gambrell.  There is so much more we could be doing.

For the last two years the team members have been Steve Runholt, Grace Boyer, Donna Eagle Joslin, Kristin Williams, Lisa Mallory, and Bob Gambrell.