Weekly News (October 16, 2016)

October 16, 2016 at Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church

(Submitted by Corise Gambrell)

Steve welcomed everyone to a special day in the life of the church.  He thanked all those who participated in the Hunger Walk, and he reminded us of the Trunk or Treat Just For Fun on October 30.

Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church - Ministry PlanSteve recognized Sally Broughton, Derron Daughertu, Mike Levi, and Georgena Miller from the Forward Planning Team.  Georgena said that today we begin a season of gratitude and celebration.  She noted that all present are invited to the celebration lunch following worship as we start to focus on our Ministry Plan for Christian Fellowship, Community Engagement, and Faith Development.  Today Steve’s message will focus on the hospitality goal. 

During the Prelude , Evva Hamilton was an excellent tutor, showing Hythe how to light the candle.

In the Time for the Child, Beth discussed special times and special seasons.  She told the children about a song she knew as a child “watch the doughnut – not the hole, “ and they talked about focusing on what we have and not what is missing. 

Gene Witherspoon read the lesson from Psalm 105, responsively with the congregation.  The congregation joined the choir on the refrain from the version in Glory to God.

The Anthem was For Everyone Born by Shirley Erena Murray.  The choir sang the Anthem from the Chancel, and the congregation joined on the last verse.  The hymn affirms that God’s hospitality transcends the barriers erected by human society. 

Steve began the Message with a statement from a video by Parker Palmer on hospitality.  “Can you guarantee a stranger won’t take my stuff?”  We are always concerned about losing a car, a home, family treasures, a job, etc.  Palmer says that hospitality is an act of faith.  The word derives from “hospital” which means caring.  The Biblical roots of hospitality are found in the story of Abram and Sarah as they welcomed the strangers to their home.  In those times, a welcome to strangers was a bedrock of the desert culture.  Today we met in the Random Fellowship Hall to discuss the Ministry Plan, and one focus is to improve congregational care.  Items such as coffee after worship and potlucks are already in play, but we hope to do more. Steve said that sessions at the recent DISGRACE conference were similar to an old commercial of a man being blown away.  In Soong Chan-Rah’s presentation on the Necessity of Lament, he talked about the suffering of slaves, of lynchings, of black men and boys killed today.   One woman was overcome with the anguish of it all and others went to comfort her.  Congregational care is what we do for each other.  We launch this effort in a time of anxiety, when we, as Presbyterians, are committed to welcome and to faith. 

Today was the Sunday for Candles of Celebration and Concern.  Kristen celebrated her brother’s confirmation that he and his wife will soon have a son from China.  Sally and Toby celebrated they will be grandparents and the hope for peace, love, and equality.  Blake was thankful for a friend recovering from pneumonia.  Salyna is thankful for what she has and concerned about those in poverty.  Emily joyously thanked the congregation for their support of Liam and Zach and of the joy of seeing Liam play with the Duke symphony.  Anne Hamilton prayed for her great aunt.  Ken celebrated Eloise’s recovery and the life of her aunt, Kathryn Rogers.  Mike is happy that the Ministry Plan is complete.  Kelly thanked everyone for their support through the years. 

Anne assisted Hythe in carrying the light into the world, as they came forward during the Hymn of Commitment.  Following the Choral Benediction, the congregation moved to Fellowship Hall for the presentation of the Ministry Plan. 

After a delicious lunch, catered by Liz Lesene, Sally Broughton presented an overview of the Ministry Plan.  Each person took home a copy of the plan.  The plan has goals and objectives for each of the five components. 

Coming up at Warren Wilson:

  • Christian Education classes for children and adults continue
  • You can rate/review the new church website:  Google Review
  • October 21 – Community Sing
  • October 24 – Moral Monday returns to Asheville
  • October 30 – Just for Fun:  Trunk or Treat from 5-7 in the parking lot.  See Beth to sign up to provide treats and host the children of the church and the neighborhood.