Weekly News (October 2, 2016)

October 2, 2016 at Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church

World Communion Sunday and Warren Wilson College Homecoming

(Submitted by Corise Gambrell)

The congregation sang the Warren Wilson Alma Mater.

During announcements, Steve gave a special welcome to those returning for Homecoming.  He talked about the service of remembrance and the celebration of Rodney Lytle’s service at the College.  He noted the Chancel arrangement for World Communion Sunday, and he thanked Dennis Stockdale, liturgist, and the Rev. Fritz Ackerman, assisting with the service. 

Back Porch SessionSteve reminded the congregation of the Back Porch Session tonight.   This afternoon there is an Open House to celebrate forty years of service for SVCM.  The Hunger Walk is next Sunday.  The Forward Planning dinner on October 16 will be a catered dinner after worship. 

We also welcomed Andy Gwynn and Sam Webber, who joined on drums in  several of the musical selections. 

Cadence was an outstanding acolyte in her lovely purple dress.

The Choral Introit was Come, All You People, from Zimbabwe.  The choir sang in Shona and the congregation joined in English. 

During the Time for the Child, the children joined Steve to talk about the various kinds of bread on the communion table – pita, nan, tortilla, etc., and about how families gather around the table as we do today with God’s people all over the world.

The Anthem was We are One in Christ Jesus. For all the choral music today, the Chancel Choir was joined by choir alumni.

World Communion SundayIn the Message, Steve pointed out that a well-known political commentator said he was 100% sure which candidate would win the Presidential election.  Steve said he is 100% sure everyone present has traveled a long way – in one manner or another – to be present today.  Billy Edd Wheeler likes to tell about a mission worker who told him, when he was a boy in West Virginia, about Warren Wilson College.  Another graduate tells how a cousin persuaded her to come to Warren Wilson and funds were found for her tuition.  Later she became an English teacher who mentored thousands of students. Today, as we share in World Communion, we remember that this practice began with the Hebrew people as they celebrated the Passover or Seder and their liberation from slavery in Egypt.  Jesus celebrated the Passover with his disciples before his crucifixion.  Paul was the first to write about Christians celebrating communion, and Paul’s Second Letter to the Church in Corinth gives specific instructions.  Most probably Paul was reprimanding the Corinthians because the wealthy were taking advantage during the  communion service. We know that the focus for this celebration is joy, hospitality, and unconditional love.  As Christ offered communion to Matthew, the tax collector; Peter who denied him, and Judas, who betrayed him, we know we all are welcome at the table. 

The congregation celebrated Communion. 

The Hymn of Commitment was We Are Marching in the Light of God.

The Choral Postlude was The Lord Bless You and Keep You.

After worship, there was a pot luck celebration for Homecoming.  

Coming up at Warren Wilson:

  • The new website is live.  www.warrenwilsonchurch.org
  • The Adult Christian Education class in watching and discussing a video, “Living the Questions.”
  • October 9 – Hunger Walk
  • October 16 – The Forward Planning Leadership Team will present the Ministry Plan in a catered dinner after worship.
  • October 21 – Community Sing.  7:00 PM.  Fellowship Hall.  The Rev. Robert Jones and Matt Watroba, instructors from the Swannanoa Gathering will lead. 
  • October 30, 5-7pm  – Just For Fun – Trunk or Treat.  We encourage members to sign up to decorate the trunk of their cars and bring treats for WW church and community children. Sign up in the Narthex or contact Beth to participate.