Introducing Church Buddies

teachChurch Buddies  is an upcoming opportunity for adults to be paired individually with children in the church in an ongoing friendship.  This connection could be a very simple one, but could grow into a very important one.  It might include sending birthday wishes in the mail to the child, sitting near your church buddy at a fellowship event, adding them to your prayer list or asking them about how school is going.  Children will be encouraged to reciprocate the love back by sharing cards, artwork or treasures with their adult buddy.  As our church buddies grow up, this connection could prove to be very enriching on many levels!  

If you are interested in this idea, please see Sandy Brauer or Kristin Williams.  If need be, adult “Buddies”  might partner together to be matched with one child.  We hope to start Church Buddies in the beginning of the New Year.  Help us lift it off the ground!