Weekly News (October 30, 2016)

October 30, 2016 at Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church

(Submitted by Corise Gambrell)

Steve welcomed everyone with a special welcome for guests.  He reminded the congregation of the Trunk or Treat tonight from 5 to 7, and of the opportunities for prayer services on Monday, November 7.

Sally invited everyone to coffee after worship, with a special focus on – and opportunity for –  Pastor Appreciation. 

The Williams family gave the Moment for Gratitude and Celebration on Goal 2:  Deepening our Engagement with, and Service to, the Wider Community.  John talked about the opportunities available through the church for service.  Allee said her favorite things were projects for the Black Mountain Home for Children and the Community Garden.  Evan enjoys bringing food for SVCM’s food bank.  Kristen reminded everyone of the opportunity to pledge. 

The Prelude was Jesu, Jesu, Fill Us with Your Love.

During the time for the Child, Steve talked about the speeches the children were hearing with the election coming.  He pointed out that Jesus began his most famous speech with a blessing for the poor. 

The congregational hymns were calls to service:  We All Are One in Mission, Blest Are They, and Called as Partners in Christ’s Service.

Steve read from Luke 6, the Beatitudes.  While this is Christ’s most famous sermon, the version in Luke seems unfinished.  There are a number of ways in which it differs from the version in Matthew.  Luke mentions the woes people suffer.  Matthew focuses on spiritualizing them.  If only the poor are blessed, what about the rest of us? It is an uncomfortable feeling.  Note the sequence of events.  Jesus prays, chooses his disciples, and then speaks.  If you imagine you were there that day, you sense the early morning cooking fires and the cold of dawn.  If you had gone to hear Jesus, you might have been a Jewish winemaker.  The Romans have destroyed your business and your fields.  You are destitute.  You might also be a woman whose husband’s illness has taken all the family’s resources.  When you hear Jesus’ voice and words, it is a jolt.  Your father might have died before giving you a formal blessing.  Your mother might have been more critical and questioning than one who blessed you.  Now Christ has blessed you.  Remember the sequence of events.  Jesus prayed, then recruited.  As we strive to work in the community, we, too, need partners. 

Steve introduced the representatives of the organizations with which WWPC partners:  All Souls, the Black Mountain Home for Children, Creation Care Alliance, ABCCM, SVCM, Habitat for Humanity, the Verner Center, and the Swannanoa Valley Correctional Center.

Steve closed the Message with the reminder of Christ’s words, “if you have done it unto the least of these.”

There were opportunities to talk to the agency representatives after worship, as well as a special Pastor Appreciation Coffee Hour.

Coming up at Warren Wilson:

  • Trunk or Treat in the church parking lot, tonight from 5 – 7.    (It was a big success, with fourteen vehicles parked to distribute treats.  There were over fifty guests.  Highlights were the Tess, Lizzy, and Friends rendition of Hamilton choruses and John’s and Toby’s mysterious hidden treat delivery.) 
  • Christian Education.  The children continue their Bible Study.  The Fellowship Class is discussing a video series “Living the Questions.”
  • November 6 – All Saints Sunday –  remember the time change – fall back
  • Next Sunday we receive the Nickel a Meal offering
  • November 6 – Back Porch Session
  • November 6 and 13 – Fair Trade coffee, tea, olive oil, and chocolate orders taken
  • November 7 – Pre Election Prayer Services at 12:15 PM, and 6:00 PM at First Christian Church, Black Mountain
  • November 9 – November Just For Fun at Highland Farms.  Sign up or call the office to reserve your meal
  • November 16 – Empty Bowls Fundraiser