Just Mercy

Last Spring, our Adult Education class undertook a study of white privilege by reading together Debby Irving’s powerful book, Waking Up White.

This Sunday we resume our conversation about this important topic, with one crucial difference.  Whereas Ms. Irving’s book looked at white privilege from a white perspective, our next book, Just Mercy, by Brian Stevenson, looks at the issue — specifically how race plays out in our criminal justice system — from an African American perspective.  

The book has received almost universal praise from readers and critics alike, and is also currently being made into a major motion picture starring Michael B. Jordan (best known for his roles in Friday Night Lights, The Wire, and Creed, wth Sylvester Stallone).

This promises to be another challenging and meaningful excursion into one of the most important topics in play in America right now.  I hope you can join us.  

For this Sunday, our plan is to discuss the first two chapters.  The book is available at Barnes&Noble and from Amazon, and is also available in Kindle format.  

We do have several copies of the book available at the church, in case that would be helpful to you.