Weekly News (November 13, 2016)

November 13, 2016 at Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church

(Submitted by Corise Gambrell)

Steve welcomed the congregation.   He reminded us to bring food for SVCM next week as the harvest display will be in place.  Church members can sign up to help with the display. Just For Fun is December 2, and there is a signup sheet for that event.

Robyn Castellani and Barbara Griswold presented the Moment for Gratitude and Celebration.  Robyn said that church is all about living into the light.  Barbara reminded us of the Goal 5 triad of faith, fellowship, and love.  Robyn and Barbara concluded with a rap encouraging everyone to pledge to do our part to be a part of church where the light begins.

During the Time for the Child, Beth talked to the children about discipline.  The children said they think of discipline as punishment, but Beth pointed out that discipline can also be a choice you make to do something regularly and carefully.  Beth suggested that giving thanks every day is a wonderful thing to do as a discipline. 

Steve’s sermon can be accessed at the Warren Wilson website.  Using a passage from Jeremiah, he talked about signs of hate.  He urged the church to join with others for A Future with Hope.

Beth Meriwether played the flute during the Anthem:   God, Whose Giving Knows No Ending.  Beth also played during the Postlude.

The congregation brought gifts, pledges, and commitment forms forward during the offering. 

The Choir joined the congregation for the Choral Blessing: O Beautiful for Spacious Skies. The Choir and congregation sang together, with the piano as accompaniment, and the final verse sung acapella.

During the pastoral prayer, Steve prayed for Mary Fran Spencer who is home after a few days in the hospital. He celebrated Barbara Higgins birthday, and the congregation sang to her during the coffee hour. 

The Warren Wilson bulletin for this Sunday is posted at the church website with all announcements. 

The Sunday “reports” will conclude after a description of next Sunday’s harvest display.  The bulletin and sermons can be accessed on the website.