Weekly News (November 20, 2016)

November 20, 2016 at Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church

(Submitted by Corise Gambrell)

Harvest Display 2016

The annual harvest display began outside the doors of the Chapel with bales of hay, farm tools, and pumpkins. A split-rail fence bordered the front of the Chancel.  The Chancel display included evergreen branches, corn stalks, and leaves. A farm kitchen was set up on the left, complete with table, utensils, and food stores in jars.   A coop to the right of the Chancel held five hens.   The steps were covered with donations for the food bank at SVCM.

The chickens were most vocal after the Anthem. Steve encouraged the to “give it all you’ve got,” and they commented frequently during the Message.

During announcements, Steve thanked those responsible for the display, and he recognized Warren Wilson student, Addy Pan, graduating in December.

In the Time for the Child, Steve asked the children what requests they made of their parents.  Cadence asks for dessert and to go to Biltmore.   The children talked about giving thanks.   They are thankful for food and clean water among other things.

Steve’s Message and all announcements are on the website.

During the Prayer of Thanksgiving, Beth prayed for those things mentioned by the congregation during the conclusion of the Message: the life of Eloise’s Aunt Kathryn, teachers, cold weather, the non-profits that help those in need, the firefighters, inclusiveness, peace, hope, and welcome for all.